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Advanced Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm development and Computer Vision

Imagitech has delivered state-of-the-art computer vision and image processing algorithm to our US Navy. This multi-year effort focused on helping reduce periscope operator workload and improving target accuracy for our sailors. The periscope sensor includes EO/IR, Radar, low-light TV data and Imagitech was the first to introduce a machine-learning based ship detection algorithm to the US Navy subs. This innovative approach called “Ship Shape” is designed to automatically and continuously learn the shape and attributes of surface ships. Then the algorithm provides automatic detection of surface ships by encapsulating the target in a bounding box that is displayed on the operators’ terminal. Under this project we also developed novel waterline and reticle removal techniques for the Navy. Imagitech algorithms were reviewed by the Navy’s Image Working Group (IWG) and many were selected to move forward for integration. Imagitech worked with the lead integrator, Lockheed Martin – Manassas, VA, to provide actionable results, saving the periscope operator valuable time and effort especially in littoral regions with multiple objects present. Knowledge of cutting-edge computer vision techniques was required for successful research and development.

Data Analytics, Visualization, and Open Source EMR

Using Imagitech’s open-source EMR systems and solutions, optometrists at For Eyes optical collect data for patients at their office visits including demographics, geographical, and vision health related data. All data is stored in strict HIPPA compliance, encrypted, and secured in facilities. Imagitech utilized non-attributional data to assist opticians/optometrist in predicting vision trends, inventory management, clinical research projects, marketing, and much more. Imagitech’s tools & systems were invaluable to these practices and increased their efficiency resulting in increased patients and revenue.

Radar Hardware and Imaging Software Development

The Materials Division of USACE conducts measurements on different types of camouflage material. Imagitech delivered a complete system to predict and measure the effects of various Radar Absorbing Material (RAM) on the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of scaled and canonical targets. We also conducted modeling and simulation (M&S) of Radar Targets. Under this Phase II SBIR contract, Imagitech designed, built, and delivered an innovative solution for a complete RCS measurement and imaging solution. This included the design and building of a fully polarized radar, 9′ by 9′ planar scanner, and software to control the system, process the data, and display the resulting RCS image. This provided USACE a valuable tool for conducting materials research.

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